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Committments and Memberships

International Committments

Member of the Scientific Advisory Group for the Microwave Sounder (MWS) on the polar orbiting METOP-Second Generation satellites of ESA

Member of the IAMAS International Radiation Commission (IRC) for the period 2005-2011

Member of the Mission Advisory Group of the European Component of the Global Precipitation Mission(EGPM-MAG) (2003-2006)

Member of the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG) of WMO and CGMS (2002-)

Science Steering Group of the Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis (LandSAF) (2000-2008)

Science Steering Group of the Baltic Sea Experiment (BALTEX) (2000-2006)

Working Group on the METEOSAT SECOND GENERATION (MSG) Potential for Land Biosphere Applications and Research (1998-2000)

CLOUDS (Cloud and Radiation monitoring satellite) User Advisory Group (1998-2000)

Working Group 1 on COoperation europeen dans le domaine de la recherche Scientifique et Technique Action (COST 712 - Application of Microwave Radiometry to Atmospheric Research and Monitoring)

Working Group 2 and 3 on COoperation europeene dans le domaine de la recherche Scientifique et Technique Action (COST 717, Use of Radar Observations in Hydrological and NWP Models)

National Commitments

Member of Arbeitsgruppe “Infrastrukturen in der terrestrischen Forschung” installed by the Allianz der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen (2014-)

Member of the directorate of Geoverbund ABC/J (2009-2013)

Scientific director of the Geoverbund ABC/J (2009-2011)

Member of the senate of the German National Science Foundation (2009-2015)

Member of board of trustees (Kuratorium) of Institute for Tropospheric Research(IfT), Leipzig (2005-2013)

Elected member and Chair of the Fachkollegium for Atmospheric and Marine Research (FK313) of the German National Science Foundation (DFG) (2004-2008)

Chair of the Center for Earth System Research (ZEGEF, Zentrum für Erdsystemforschung) at University Bonn (2003-2008)

Member (2003-2011) and elected Chair (2005-2011) of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Weather Service (DWD)

Menber of the scientific advisory board of the national commitee for the International Hydrological Programme of the UNESCO and for the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (HWRP) of the WMO (2003-2013)

Member of the Senatskommission Wasserforschung (KOWA) of the German National Science Foundation (DFG) (2003-2008)

Elected member of the review board of the German National Science Foundation (DFG) for atmospheric research and physical oceanography (2000-2003)

Review Boards

Associated Editor for Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung 2008-2015

Managing Editor for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 2009-

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