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Passive Microwave Radiometer ADMIRARI

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ADMIRARI (ADvanced MIcrowave RAdiometer for Rain Identification)  is a unique passive microwave radiometer. It was built by Radiometer Physics, Meckenheim and delivered to the Meteorological Institute  at the University of Bonn in summer 2007.
It is designed to measure water vapor, cloud and rain liquid water with high temporal (1s) and spatial resolution (5°). The radiometer is mounted on a trailer allowing relatively easy transportation and participation in field campaigns. Additionally it is equipped with two active instruments, i.e. since 2008 a Micro Rain Radar (MRR) at 24.1 GHz frequency for rain structure observation and since September 2010 with a cloud Lidar at 920 nm wavelength for Cloud base estimation. Both active instruments are fully steerable alike ADMIRARI.

Group leader / Gesamtleitung: Prof.Dr. Clemens Simmer
Scientific Supervision / Wissenschaftliche Betreuung: Dr. Pablo Saavedra, Dr. Alessandro Battaglia
Technical Supervision, Data / Technischer Betrieb, Daten: Pablo Saavedra, Martin Lennefer

Letzte Änderung: Pablo Saavedra, 2.11.2012