Veröffentlichungen 2018

der Abteilung Meteorologie

Veröffentlichungen in begutachteten Zeitschriften, Monographien und Konferenzpapieren
Ayllón, D.; Grimm, V.; Attinger, S.; Hauhs, M.; Simmer, C.; Vereecken, H.; Lischeid, G. (2018):
Cross-disciplinary links in environmental systems science: current state and claimed needs identified in a meta-review of process models.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 622-623, S. 954-973, DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.12.007
Brune, S.; Kapp, F.; Friederichs, P. (2018):
A wavelet based analysis of convective organization in ICON large-eddy simulations.
Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc., Vol. 144, 2812-2829, doi: 10.1002/qj.3409
Buschow, S.; Friederichs, P. (2018):
Local dimension and recurrent circulation patterns in long-term climate simulations.
Chaos, Vol. 28, 083124, doi: 10.1063/1.5031094
Damm, A.; Paul-Limoges, E.; Haghighi, E.; Simmer, C.; Morsdorf, F.; Schneider, F.; van der Tol, C.; Migliavacca, M.; Rascher, U. (2018):
Remote sensing of plant-water relations: an overview and future perspectives
Journal of Plant Physiology, Vol. 227, 3-19,   > Link
Dorninger, M., P. Friederichs, S. Wahl, M. P. Mittermaier, C. Marsigli, and B. G. Brown (2018):
Editorial: Forecast verification methods acrosstime and space scales – Part I.
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 27, 433 - 434, doi: 10.1127/metz/2018/0955
Frank, Christopher W.; Wahl, Sabrina; Keller, Jan D.; Pospichal, Bernhard; Hense, Andreas; Crewell, Susanne (2018):
Bias correction of a novel European reanalysis data set for solar energy applications.
Solar Energy, Vol. 164, 12-24   > Abstract   > Full Text
Friederichs, P.; Wahl, S.; Buschow, S. (2018):
Post-processing for extreme events. In: S. Vannitsem, D. Wilks, and J. Messner (Eds.): Statistical Postprocessing of Ensemble Forecasts. Elsevier.
Kapp, F.; Friederichs, P.; Brune, S.; Weniger, M. (2018):
Spatial verification of high-resolution ensemble precipitation forecasts using local wavelet spectra.
Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Vol. 27, 467-480, doi: 10.1127/metz/2018/0903
Kollet, S.; Gasper, F.; Brdar, S.; Goergen, K.; Hendricks-Franssen, H.-J.; Keune, J.; Kurtz, W.; Küll, V.; Pappenberger, F.; Poll, S.; Trömel, S.; Shrestha, P.; Simmer, C.; Sulis, M. (2018):
Introduction of an Experimental Terrestrial Forecasting/Monitoring System at Regional to Continental Scales Based on the Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform (v1.1.0).
Water, Vol. 10, No. 11, 1697,
Saavedra, P.; Simmer, C. (2018):
An Octave/MATLAB interface for rapid processing of SMOS L1C full polarization brightness temperature.
Journal of Open Research Software, Vol. 6, No. 1, S. 2    > Abstract
Shrestha, P.; Kurtz, W.; Vogel, G.; Schulz, J.-P.; Sulis, M.; Franssen, H.-J. Hendricks; Kollet, S.; Simmer, C. (2018):
Connection between root zone soil moisture and surface energy flux partitioning using modeling, observations and data assimilation for a temperate grassland site in Germany.
Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, Vol. 123, 2839-2862,
Shrestha, P.; Sulis, M.; Simmer, C.; Kollet, S. (2018):
Effects of horizontal grid resolution on evapotranspiration partitioning using TerrSysMP
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 557, 910-915   > Full Text
Sulis, M.; Keune, J.; Shrestha, P.; Simmer, C.; Kollet, S. J. (2018):
Quantifying the impact of subsurface-land surface physical processes on the predictive skill of subseasonal mesoscale atmospheric simulations
Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, Vol 123, No. 17, 9131-9151, DOI: 10.1029/2017JD028187
Zerenner, T.; Venema, V.; Friederichs, P.; Simmer, C. (2018):
Deterministic and Stochastic Precipitation Downscaling using Multi-objective Genetic Programming.
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, (GECCO 18). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 79-80, doi: 10.1145/3205651.3208778
Bach, Liselotte (2018):
Towards a probabilistic regional reanalysis for Europe. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, 101 S.
   > Link
Hewer, Rüdiger (2018):
Stochastic physical models for wind fields and precipitation extremes. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, 89 S.
   > Link
Kaffashzadeh, Najmeh (2018):
A statistical analysis of surface ozone variability over the Mediterranean region during summer. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, X, 120 S.
Knist, Sebastian (2018):
Land-atmosphere interactions in multiscale regional climate change simulations over Europe. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, viii, 147 S.
Lu, Yen-Sen (2018):
Propagation of land surface model uncertainties in simulated terrestrial system states. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, 120 S.
   > Link
Stadtler, Scarlet (2018):
Isoprene secondary organic aerosol in a global chemistry climate model. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, X, 181 S.
Thiele-Eich, Insa (2018):
Flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the challenge of climate change. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, IX, 132 S.
   > Link
Emmerichs, Tamara (2018):
Role of dry deposition in the meteorology-ozone nexus. Institut für Geowissenschaften und Meteorologie der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, vii, 77 S.
Kleinert, Felix (2018):
Near surface ozone predictions based on convolutional neural networks. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, II, 63 S.
Netzel, Timon (2018):
Analyse tropischer Wellen im dekadischen Vorhersagesystem des MiKlip-Projekts. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, iv, 48 S.
Steinheuer, Julian (2018):
Estimation of vertical wind gust profiles from regional reanalysis using extreme value theory. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, 105 S.
Szemkus, Svenja (2018):
Stochastische Modellierung von Nicht-Gaußschem Verhalten im PlaSim-Modell mittels CAM-Noise. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, 56, XIII S.
Wittenbrink, Martin (2018):
Ansatz zur Entwicklung eines Modells zur Vorhersage des Zeitpunktes der Laubverfärbung in Nordamerika. Meteorologisches Institut der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, iii, 49 S.