Veröffentlichungen 2020

der Abteilung Meteorologie

Veröffentlichungen in begutachteten Zeitschriften, Monographien und Konferenzpapieren
Brune, S.; Buschow, S.; Friederichs, P. (2020):
Observations and high-resolution simulations of convective organization over the Tropical Atlantic.
Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc., doi:10.1002/qj.3751
Frank, Christopher W.; Pospichal, Bernhard; Wahl, Sabrina; Keller, Jan D.; Hense, Andreas; Crewell, Susanne (2020):
The added value of high resolution regional reanalyses for wind power applications.
Renewable Energy, Vol. 148, 1094 - 1109   > Link   > Full Text
Ji, L.; Zhi, X; Simmer, C.; Zhu. S.; Ji. Y. (2020):
Multi-Model Ensemble Forecast of Precipitation Based on an Object-Based Diagnostic Evaluation.
Accepted for publication in Monthly Weather Review
Knist, S.; Goergen, K.; Simmer, C. (2020):
Effects of land surface inhomogeneity on convection-permitting WRF simulations over Central Europe.
Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Vol. 132, No. 1, 53-69, doi:10.1007/s00703-019-00671-y   > Link
Lv, S.; Schalge, B.; Saavedra Garfias, P.; Simmer, C. (2020):
Required sampling-density of ground-based soil moisture and brightness temperature observations for calibration/validation of L-band satellite observations based on a virtual reality.
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 1957–1973   > Link
Shrestha, P.; Simmer, C. (2020):
Modeled land atmosphere coupling response to soil moisture changes with different generations of land surface models.
Water, Vol. 12, No. 1, 46, doi:10.3390/w12010046   > Link
Beekmans, Christoph (2020):
3-D cloud morphology and evolution derived from hemispheric stereo cameras. Institut für Geowissenschaften, Abteilung Meteorologie, der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, viii, 118 S.
Weitzel, Nils (2020):
Climate field reconstructions from pollen and macrofossil syntheses using Bayesian hierarchical models. Institut für Geowissenschaften, Abteilung Meteorologie, der Rhein.-Friedr.-Wilh.-Universität, xii, 153 S.