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Andre Demers

Variability of CO₂ on different time scales at the atmospheric tall tower Juelich from multiannual data

With climate change being one of the major topics in science today, the understanding of the carbon budget is of great importance in order to be able to model processes at the interface between atmosphere and surface. While ocean sinks are relatively well known the global land sinks are difficult to quantify directly. To gain more information about land-atmosphere fluxes in the carbon cycle especially at regional scales several atmospheric tall tower observations with the possibility of measuring the mixing ratios of greenhouse gases at different heights above ground have been implemented.

One of these facilities is located at the Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany. The present bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of continuous CO₂ measurements at this site in analogy to the time series analysis at the Beromuenster tall tower in Switzerland done by Ece Sater et al. (2015). From primary interest are seasonal and diurnal variations, annual growth rates, monthly mean vertical profiles at different times of a day and especially the net ecosystem exchange (NEE), which can be quantified via storage flux estimations. On top of that, a comparison with the results from the analysis at the Swiss facility and an evaluation of the influence of the coal power station Weisweiler will be done.

This document last modified on: October 26, 2018.