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Maike Hacker, current project:

Namib Fog Life Cycle Analysis (NaFoLiCA)

In the coastal desert Namib in southern Africa, the occurrence of fog is of great im- portance not only for the ecological system, but also for the production of potable water by means of fog water collectors. To enable the construction of economic fog water collection systems, detailed knowledge of the spatio-temporal development of fog events is inevitable. Due to the complex topographical structure in the Namib area, this knowledge can only be achieved by means of numerical simulations. The major goal of the present project consists in the development of the three- dimensional numerical fog model COSMO-FOG. This development will be based on the mesoscale weather prediction model COSMO. For the numerical simulations of fog events in the Namib region it will be of particular importance to consider in COSMO-FOG the special topographical situation in the investigation area (Atlantic ocean, coastal desert, Great Escarpment) so that realistic simulations of the different fog events in this area, i. e. advection fog, radiation fog, lowering stratus, will be possible.

mhacker@uni-bonn.de, M. Hacker
This document last modified on: January 27, 2016.