International Symposium on Regional Reanalysis
17-19 July 2018 in Bonn, Germany

Session descriptions

The symposium will be organized in four sessions focusing on key aspects of research on and applications of regional reanalysis:

A - Regional Reanalyses - Status and Plans
Submissions to this session should cover the development and/or production of regional reanalyses as well as nesting, forcing or downscaling methods with global reanalysis in any terrestrial system of interest: atmosphere, land, ocean and cryosphere. Contributions are also welcome on ensemble reanalysis, coupled reanalysis, surface reanalysis and efforts focused on atmospheric composition and chemistry.

B - Reanalysis Input Data
Contributions to this session can cover new or revisited data sets for data assimilation or boundary conditions in regional reanalyses. This includes data sets as a result of data rescue, post-processing or quality control, e.g. for satellite, remote sensing or in-situ observations. Further, with land surface heterogeneity being a crucial part in high-resolution modeling particularly with respect to land surface changes, we especially welcome submissions on efforts to generate (regional) high-resolution data sets such as land cover, soil type, vegetation type, snow cover, precipitation, soil moisture, sea ice or sea surface temperature.

C - Evaluation and Intercomparison
This session is focused on the evaluation of regional reanalysis data sets and/or intercomparison with global (forcing) reanalyses, gridded data sets and other regional reanalyses. Presentations of diagnostics especially with a focus on high-resolution or application-oriented aspects are also encouraged. Evaluations against super site observations (such as Lindenberg, Cabauw, Sodankÿla) are also welcome in particular with a focus on components of the surface budget (surface fluxes, superficial soil moisture, etc.), wind and temperature profiles in the boundary layer or cloud characteristics.

D - Applications and User-Interaction
We invite contributions to this session on applications of regional and/or high-resolution reanalysis data sets. Submissions with a focus on user-oriented post-processing and/or examples from specific socio-economic applications are especially welcome, e.g., renewable energy, hydrology, agriculture. We further encourage contributions with a focus on extreme weather and its risk assessment as well as policy development, e.g. water management, climate change adaption, polictical consulting.