International Symposium on Regional Reanalysis
17-19 July 2018 in Bonn, Germany
Tuesday, 17 July 2018
Introductory KeynoteRegional ReAnalysesPer Unden
Session Regional Reanalysis I - Continental Scale
TalkDevelopment and applications of regional reanalyses for Europe and Germany based on DWD's NWP models: Status and outlookFrank Kaspar
TalkChina Regional Reanalysis : One-year Preliminary Experiments and Evaluation of First Stage (1998 ~ 2007) DatasetsQi Zhang
TalkEvaluation of Australian regional atmospheric reanalysisNathan Eizenberg
Session Surface Reanalysis
TalkAn EOF-VARX model for statistical downscalingLu-Hung Chen
TalkA 140-year high-resolution meteorological reanalysis over France through offline data assimilation in an ensemble of downscaled reconstructions from 20CRAlexandre Devers
TalkToward a 35-years North American Precipitation and Surface Reanalysis: Evaluation of a 5 years sampleNicolas Gasset
TalkThe 55 years UERRA Surface Re-Analysis over Europe at 5.5kmEric Bazile
Session Applications - Renewable Energy I
Invited TalkReanalysis for wind and solar electricity simulations: challenges and lessons learned in the project (invited)Stefan Pfenninger
TalkImpact of different weather data sets on the results of a power system modelKatja Franke
TalkAssessment of complementarity between wind power and photovoltaic installations to supply residential electric demand in Germany and Czech RepublicFelix Nitzsch
Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Session Evaluation
TalkEstimating the value of regional reanalyses from the UERRA inter-comparisonAndrea Kaiser-Weiss
TalkVertical wind profile: Assessment of regional reanalyses.Christopher W. Frank
TalkWhat do we gain from the regional reanalysis products - a perspektive from multivariate analysis of PBL ProfilesRonny Petrik
TalkIntercomparison of the representation of climate in global and regional reanalysisJan Keller
Session Regional Reanalysis II - Copernicus
ERA5 KeynoteThe ECMWF/Copernicus latest global reanalysis ERA5Andras Horanyi
TalkEuropean high resolution Regional Reanalyses in UERRA and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)Per Unden
TalkThe Arctic Regional Reanalysis of the Copernicus Climate Change ServiceXiaohua Yang
TalkSMHIs applications of UERRAs and Copernicus regional reanalysis for EuropeSemjon Schimanke
Session Applications - Risks and Hazards
TalkLand Surface Hydrology in the European High-resolution Regional Reanalysis UERRAPatrick Le Moigne
TalkContinental-scale high resolution terrestrial hydrologic modeling over Europe using the COSMO regional reanalysisBibi S Naz
TalkReproduction of storms over the North Sea and the Baltic with the regional reanalysis COSMO-REA6Natacha Fery
TalkUsing the Australian regional atmospheric reanalysis to assess climate-related hazardsNathan Eizenberg
Session Regional Reanalysis III - Local Scale
Invited TalkRemote sensing of global snow coverAndreas Dietz
TalkData assimilation of urban weather observations in WRF to model the urban climate of Amsterdam.Sytse Koopmans
TalkTowards a Convective Scale Atmospheric Reanalysis including a Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transfer-ModelClarissa Figura
Thursday, 19 July 2018
Session Applications - Renewable Energy, Power Grid and Data Structure
TalkA Novel Approach for Site-Specific Assessment of Mechanical Loads on Photovoltaic Modules from Meteorological Reanalysis DataChristian Camus
TalkRealization of an Italian reanalysis dataset and application to real cases of electrical power disruptionsSimone Sperati
TalkApplying Linked Data Paradigms for Reagional Weather Data ReanalysisRichard Figura
Session Regional Reanalysis IV - Regional Scale
TalkExperiences with regional reanalyses over the Iberian PeninsulaJon Saenz
TalkEast Asia Regional Reanalysis Project of CMAXudong Liang
TalkSPHERA (High Resolution REAnalysis over Italy): Testing of the system setupInes Cerenzia