Convective Organization

In order to investigate more deeply the relationship between convective organizations and climate, observations from radar and satellite are compared to model simulations at various resolutions. For this purpose, the High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for advancing Climate Prediction (HD(CP)²) model ( is used. The analysis is conducted over Germany during the summer months and will be extended to the domain over the tropical Atlantic. These two different climatic regimes help to isolate the signature of convective organization and assess the generality of the results. Signatures of convective organizations in radar and satellite observations are identified and their representation in the model at various resolutions are evaluated. For this, an organization index is defined to capture the macroscopic structure (e.g., size, number of clusters, compactness) of organization in the observations and in the model. Besides that, the relationship between the organizations and observational flow features, as for instance precipitation efficiency is also investigated and evaluated in the model. This analysis helps to understand the role of convective organization for climate and identifies ways to improve its representation in conventional parameterizations of convection.

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