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My research work can be accessed in three ways. 1) A list with various scientific themes, with pdf-articles and often color examples and program codes (below are the main themes). 2) There is a chronological list of articles. 3) On my blog variable variability you can find more general or preliminary ideas.

Adaptive parameterisations
Adaptive parameterisation schemes enable more physical parameterisations by splitting the computation in a more physical calculation and an adaptive (statistical) generalisation.
Surrogate clouds
Surrogate cloud fields have certain (statistical) properties of real cloud fields. These can be measured properties or theoretical ones.
Homogenisation of climate records
A benchmark dataset to test homogenisation algorithms.
Radar scattering due to cloud structures
Bragg scatter due to cloud water structures in stead of humidity structures.

more research themes ...



Quality of daily climate data
Juli 2013. With some colleagues, we are working on a review on the homogeneity of daily climate data, to investigate to which extend studies on changes in extreme weather are actually studying non-climate changes..
Multiple breakpoint problem
March 2013. Longer climate time series typically contain more than one inhomgeneity (non-climatic change). A paper written together with Ralf Lindau on this statistical problem has just been published in a special issue on homogenisation.
3D radiative transfer
Oktober 2012. A paper written together with Sebastian Gimeno Garcia and Thomas Trautmann on a new version of the 3D radiative transfer model MoCaRT and on downscaling of 3-dimensional cloud fields has been published.
Benchmarking homogenization algorithms
July 2012. The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society has reported on the COST HOME benchmarking study.


Homogenisation e-mail list
An e-mail distribution list on homogenisation of climate data.
Cloud research e-mail list
An e-mail distribution list on cloud research and climate.
Adaptive parameterisations and Transregio 32
I am currently working on a DWD-project on adaptive parameterisations and in the Transregio 32 on structure and exchange processes between the ground, vegetation and atmosphere.
Surrogate clouds
My last DFG project on generating structured clouds to study 3D radiative transfer.
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