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I currently work on an open post-publication peer review system called Grassroots Journals. The first Grassroots Journal is naturally on statistical homogenization.

My research work can be accessed in three ways. 1) A list with various scientific themes, with pdf-articles and often color examples and program codes (below are the main themes). 2) There is a chronological list of articles. 3) On my blog variable variability you can find more general or preliminary ideas.

Homogenisation of climate records
Understanding and benchmarking homogenisation algorithms.
Surrogate clouds
Surrogate cloud fields have certain (statistical) properties of real cloud fields. These can be measured properties or theoretical ones.
Adaptive parameterisations
Adaptive parameterisation schemes enable more physical parameterisations by splitting the computation in a more physical calculation and an adaptive (statistical) generalisation.

more/older research themes ...



Homogenisation e-mail list
An e-mail distribution list on homogenisation of climate data.
Grassroots journals
A new open post-publication review system, organized like a journal, but always up to date. It aims to replace the current system, make publishing cheaper, give the control of the reward system to the scientific community and eases innovation in the reward and dissemination system.


Community Homogenisation Journal
January 2019. I am working on a Community Homogenisation Journal as an example of how Post-publication open review system could work. I hope that more members of the homogenisation community will be interested in joining this experiment because I think science would improve greatly if we separate review and publishing.
Global climate reference network
Janury 2018. A concept paper for a global land surface climate fiducial reference measurements network has just been accepted by the International Journal of Climatology. Email me for a copy.
Break detection
December 2017. A paper on the influence of break and noise variance on break detection has been submitted. A preprint can be found on EarthArXiv.
Global reference station network
November 2017. I am member of a GCOS Task Team to design a Global Climate Reference Network. Feedback welcome.
Sea Surface Temperature
December 2016. A review paper on uncertainties and inhomogeneities in SST is now published online by the Bulletin of the American Meterological Society.
Multi-objective downscaling
Juni 2016. The article on Downscaling near-surface atmospheric fields with multi-objective Genetic Programming by my PhD student Tanja Zerenner has just been accepted.
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