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In Mai 2003, there was a large (cloud) measurement campaign at Cabauw, the Netherlands. As the objectives and many participants are the same as those of the BBC campaign (organized by CLIWA-NET, 4D-clouds, CESAR, and others) in autumn 2001, the campaign has been named BBC2. The main page of BBC2 is now maintained by KNMI.
Keywords are: structured boundary layer water clouds, radiation, dynamical processes, climate. The instrumentation consists of a broad range of radiation instruments on the ground and on airplanes; radars, lidars, microwave radiometers, in-situ particle probes (aircraft and tethered balloon), radio sondes, etc.


The campaign is jointly organized by the University of Bonn (project coordinator of 4D-clouds) and KNMI (coordinator of the Cabauw measurement site and member of CESAR). Next to these groups many institutes are participating individually. The list with instruments also gives a good overview of all the participants.


We welcome everyone working on similar themes to join the campaign or work with its data. All participants are obliged to adhere to the data policy and to deliver their data timely into the BBC2 database in a standard format. See also the pages on: data format, data policy, and instrumentation.