Generic File Format defenition

A sample header of the Microwave radiometer data is displayed below:

01    '# HD LINES',15
02    'FORMAT VERS',2.3
03    'DATA VERS',1.0
04    'INS NAME','Microgolfradiometer'
05    'LAT/LON',51.971,4.927
06    'ELEV',0100,'m'
07    'START',1996:04:15,00:00:01
08    'STOP',1996:04:15,23:59:56
09    'X INFO',17285,2.7777778e-004,2.3998889e+001,'Time','Hours (UTC)',0.0
10    'Y INFO',00,00,00,'Null','Null'
11    '# VAR TYPES',2
12    'Water Vapour Column','[mm]',1
13    'Liquid Water Column','[mm]',1
15    %% END OF HEADER
16    2.7777778e-004 5.0730611e+000 1.0367463e-002

01:         The number header lines including line 01
02:         Header format version
03:         Data version
04:         Instrument name
05:         Latitude and longitude of the instrument, if not relevant 0, 0
06:         Elevation of the instrument above the ground
07:         Starting date and time of the data
08:         Ending date and time of the data
09:         Info about the time axis of the data: number of datalines, start time,
              stop time (both decimal), 'Time', 'hrs(UTC)'
10:         Info about the value axis for 2D data: 0,0,'null','null'
11:         The number of variables used in the data
12 - 13:  Description of the variables: 'name', 'unit', number of columns
14:         Line marking the beginning of the comment lines
15:         Line marking the end of the header, lines hereafter are not included in the header line count
16:         Following the lines of decimal time and variables data