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Aim of this contribution to the "4DWOLKEN"-project for describing the four dimensional cloudiness in the atmosphere is to provide measurement facilities and data analysis in co-operation with the other partners (IfM-Kiel, IfT Leipzig, IPA Mainz, IUP Heidelberg, FU Berlin, MIU Bonn, TU Dresden, and DWD). The ground based measurements (95Ghz cloud radar, CT25K laser ceilometer), air-borne measurements (PMS-probe for cloud particle measurements) and satellite (NOAA-AVHRR, MSG/GERB[AO-ID 137], Envisat [AO-ID 348]) will be used to determine cloud properties and their influence on the radiation, and to derive parameterisations to account for 3D cloud effects.

In parallel the experience in regional atmospheric modelling is the basis for studying the influence of inhomogeneous cloud structures on soil-atmosphere exchange and the transport of atmospheric water in the atmosphere. The derived parameterisations in the "4DWOLKEN"-project will be implemented in a regional model system for horizontal resolution between 10 and 50 km and validated. Subsequently the model will be used to study the influence of inhomogeneous clouds on the energy and water budget.

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