BBC workshop
Leipzig 2002


BBC workshop

May 13 and 14, 2002, the BBC workshop was held in the library of the University of Leipzig ("Konferenzraum der Bibliotheca Albertina"; Beethovenstrasse 6) to discuss the first results of the BALTEX Bridge Campaign (BBC).

The event was followed up by the official meetings of both the EU/CLIWA-NET and the AFO2000/4D-Clouds communities in order to monitor progress and plan the next steps in these cloud research programs.

Agenda and abstracts


For traveling to leipzig we recomment using the Deutsche Bahn, if only because the station of Leipzig is spectacular. Inside of Leipzig you can find your way around using this city map. The numbers in this map represent:
28 University Library (Beethovenstrasse 6)
27 Villa Tillmanns (Wächterstraße 30)
13 University guest house (Ritterstr. 12)

You can also reach Villa Tillmans with public transport.

Bibliotheca Albertina
This picture shows the southern front of the Bibliotheca. The conference room for Monday and Tuesday is exactly located under the golden letters "Bibliotheca Albertina" (the windows with the pillars in front)