Figure 1: Stormchaser trailer equipped with a micro rain radar, disdrometer, ceilometer, cloud camera, and weather sensor.

Our newly developed mobile remote sensing trailer (Figure 1) is equipped with a micro rain radar (MRR), OTT distrometer (Figure 2), hemispheric cloud camera (Figure 3), WXT weather sensor, Vaisala Ceilometer and GPS for tracking. In the field, the devises are complemented with two HOBO weather stations and radiosoundings. During the summer term the storm chasing equipment is used on our lab classes to track and monitor intense convective (hail) events. During the winter term the equipment is used to gather valuable measurements of mixed-phased winter precipitation. Thus, our storm chasing activities are also exploited in two extramural research programs funded by DWD and aiming at improved nowcasting of hail(-sizes) and winter precipitation.

Figure 2: Drops size distribution collected during a rain event on 19 July 2015 (left) and a snow event on 16 January 2016 (right).

cloudcam.jpg Figure 3: Scenery monitored by the hemispheric cloud camera.

Movie 1 : A short storm chaser movie generated by students of the lab class 2014 during operation (Thank you!!).

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