Web-based radar data portal fort the access of archived radar data

Project based at
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)

Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD): Hella Riede (Scientist), Kathleen Helmert (PI)

Within the PROM project, we will develop a radar data portal for easy, automated retrieval of archived DWD weather radar data. Primary users are selected DWD research partners at universities. With a dedicated login, they will be able to retrieve archived radar data from the non-relational DWD “SKY” database “CIRRUS” according to user-defined parameters such as time span and radar product. The user will be free of worry about database request limitations at DWD, as a server between portal and database will manage user requests. After requested data is retrieved from the DWD database and uploaded to an HTTP or SFTP server, an automated alert email will be sent to the user that data is ready for download. The complicated chain of manual actions at DWD triggered by radar data requests, see Fig. 1 left, will be replaced by a customer-friendly and provider-friendly radar data portal, Fig. 1 right.

Figure 1: Schematic of current workflow of DWD radar data requests (left) and future workflow (right). Orange color relates to actions and entities of users; blue color relates to actions and entities of DWD.

Current status
A radar data portal prototype exists within the DWD intranet. Since the PROM project start at DWD in December 2019, a concept is developed how to best address users’ needs for easy data retrieval while respecting DWD infrastructure rules and limits, and how to transfer the prototype from DWD intranet use to internet use, in close collaboration with DWD IT services.